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The Acorn Media Group, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. Company, provides distinctive home video products and other merchandise to the North American, U.K., and Australian markets. We cater to consumers seeking products that fall outside the homogenous mainstream with a special focus on the best of British television and mind, body, spirit programming.

Acorn has developed a reputation for high-quality DVD products and other merchandise creatively presented and backed by a person-to-person approach to customer service. In this age of faceless conglomerates, Acorn is a rarity: an independent, international company that has achieved success organically—one product, one customer at a time.

The company consists of four carefully integrated operations:

Note: We are not affiliated with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Acorn is a popular name used by many companies and organizations. We have no affiliation with any other company or organization by the same name.

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